Loving a Friend

April 18, 2008


13 Responses to “Loving a Friend”

  1. Tine Says:

    Amen sister 🙂

    PS: Oooh my favourite flower 😛

    *smiles & nods in agreement with Tine*

  2. LB Says:

    True friends are definitely worth loving.

    *smiles & nods in agreement with LB*

  3. kyh Says:

    We definitely need true and genuine frens in real life! Life’s out there is too brutal. You’ll nvr know when you’ll get backstabbed by someone!

    Tell me about it, Kyh. 😦

  4. angeles Says:

    just this week, someone said to me that it’s difficult finding true friends.. *shrugs*

    happy weekend, jemima!!

    It is difficult, Angeles.. that’s why I love my true friends very much.

    You have a great weekend, too. 😉

  5. andiesummerkiss Says:

    That is the truest thing to say about friends. Of course there are lots of weird / nasty / sucky friends. But they can’t be as bad as bad lovers huh. 😛

    Do you realise that the older we get, the more difficult we make good friends? It is true for me, at least. Sad sad sad …

    No comments regarding bad lovers, Andie Summerkiss. 😦

    Yep, it gets more difficult to make good friends as we grow older but the true friends we have now becomes like old wine. 😉

  6. Neo Says:

    Beautiful flower, and yeah, true friends deserve love forever! 🙂

    I’m glad you share my sentiments, Neo. 🙂

  7. iamikel Says:

    kasi u big big hug, my friend…

    there are friends we have, no matter how long we knew each other but we will never have a never-ending ‘relationship’

    woooo.. take care!!

    *terima Iamikel’s big big hug*

    That’s true, my friend. 😉
    You take care too…

  8. mistipurple Says:

    true friends are rare. and even if found, they may change over the years due to circumstances. either side may change unfortunately. so, live for the moment, for they are precious times which may not last. sorry for sounding so dismal about things. but that’s what i think life is.

    You’re right, Misti. I’ve had the same experiences myself.. but I do have a few true friends who really cares & loves me & I know they will be with me till the end of time.

  9. Angele Says:

    So beautiful words 🙂

    And you are a friend that I intend to keep for a long long time. Love yaaa Jem! *hugs

    You’re my friend for life & I love you too, Angeles. 🙂


  10. Kyels Says:

    You’re right! And I love you too Jem!


    Thanks for being one of my true friends, Kyels.
    Love you. 😀


  11. trinity Says:

    and it’s amazing how we really can find a loving friend even in blogsphere even though we never meet them!I guess a friend is not about how often we meet but about how often we think of them… is it?

    I thank God you found me, Trinity.
    I’m glad to be your friend even though it’s just in the blogosphere for now. 😉

  12. reddy sri Says:

    very good poem dear friend
    i really enjoyed

  13. Remya Says:

    ya true friends are most important than lovers.
    lover may cheat you but friends not

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