Our Beautiful Earth

April 22, 2008

Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.
~Motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society~


9 Responses to “Our Beautiful Earth”

  1. LB Says:

    beautiful set of pictures.. plus great song.

    Happy Earth Day, LB. 🙂

  2. _butt Says:

    Happy World Earth Day Jemima! 😀

    Same to you, _butt. 😀

  3. Kyels Says:

    Love the pictures! And song …


    Yup, they’re lovely, Kyels. 🙂

  4. trinity Says:

    and why this post is filed in anniversaries? Whose anniversary? I love our beautiful Earth

    Today is Earth Day, Trinity. 🙂

  5. Giddy Tiger Says:

    Happy World Earth Day!

    Likewise, Giddy Tiger. 🙂

  6. iamikel Says:

    *peep Jem*

    make sure she don’t on air con, use water heater or etc etc…

    hehe… happy EARTH day!!!!

    *smiles proudly at Iamikel for none of the above was used*

    Happy Earth Day! 😉

  7. Darn it, I took the footprints, left nothing, killed everything in the photos and ran out of time!!!
    Guess I better start singing, ‘It’s a wonderful World’ in the hope no one notices! 🙂

    Hippy Hoppy Happy Earth [what’s left of it] day! 🙂

    It is a wonderful world, Dabs. 🙂

    Happy Belated Earth Day! 😉

  8. mirror~me Says:

    Give nothing but LOVE! 🙂

    That sounds so ‘hip’, Mirror`me. 😉

  9. andiesummerkiss Says:

    What a great song. Happy Belated Earth Day.

    I would not start on what I have contributed on destroying the earth. But I have tons of ideas on how to start conserving it!

    p e a c e ! 😛

    That’s good to know, Andie Summerkiss. 🙂

    Save the world & make it a better place. ~MJ~

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