I’m currently hooked on…

May 28, 2008

Trijnjte Oosterhuis

That’s what Friends are for

Close to You

I Say a little Prayer

Walk on By

The Look of Love


10 Responses to “I’m currently hooked on…”

  1. day-dreamer Says:

    I love That’s What Friends Are For very much! 😀

    This version or the original version, D-D? 🙂

  2. trinity Says:

    Is that my name in other language? hehehe…

    For good times and bad times, ok?

    Maybe.. she’s dutch. 🙂

    Yup, definitely. *gives Trinity a high 5* 😀

  3. LB Says:

    I clicked on The Look Of Love, and am listening to it as I type this… and watching.. She is great! Not as great as Laura Pausini, but cool enough!

    Aiyoyo! You mustn’t compare her to Laura, LB.
    Laura is in her own class – sultry & sexy. 😉

  4. mistipurple Says:

    cool. good taste wor. *sits and enjoy*

    *sits close to Misti & enjoys* 😀

  5. LB Says:

    Her version of That’s What Friends Are For is very good too… Love the acoustic guitar. What an uplifting song, yet still kinda so melancholic.. It makes you miss certain friends.
    *gives you a hug*

    I guess the song brings out the sentimental side of you, LB. 😉

    Yup, I love the acoustic guitar too.


  6. LB Says:

    ooo, I love that I Say A Little Prayer too… even if she sounded just like Dionne Warwick.. almost.

    Hmmmm.. I think Dionne Warwick’s voice is totally unique.
    I’m glad she didn’t sound like Cameron Diaz, LB. 😛

  7. Boss Cat Says:

    nice one.. very good taste..

    i sing every one for you bit by bit, mau ka?

    I’m sure I’ll have great pleasure listening to your singing, Boss Cat. 🙂

  8. Kyels Says:

    Very sentimental … And I love most of the videos that you’ve posted here.


    How have you been doing? Miss talking to you!

    Glad you like them, Kyels.

    I’m OK but very tired. Haven’t had time to sign into IM for eons.

  9. Lil Says:

    oh such lovely songs, classics and very well sung… 🙂

    But they’re no good for your marathon run, Lil. 😛

  10. kat Says:

    Thank you for the song, jem. It’s really sweet of you.


    My pleasure, Kat. 🙂
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better now.


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