June 6, 2008

You’re busy… stressed… over-worked. You don’t have time to catch up with yourself.

Sometimes you just have to stop whatever you’re doing. Call a time-out. Catch your breath. Catch up with your spirit. (The words breath and spirit come from the same root – no wonder I need to catch both of them right now!)


17 Responses to “Time-Out!”

  1. Dabido Says:

    The words Breath and Spirit have the same root in GREEK. So does the word wind. which might explain the fact that when I need to catch my breath from work and need to refresh my spirit, I get a lot of wind! 🙂

    As long as they are not cyclonic wind, Dabs. 😛

  2. Kyels Says:

    Weekend is approaching and you definitely need a time-out for yourself.


    I sure do, Kyles. 🙂

  3. BossCat Says:

    snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… 😀

    Thank God is Friday… wooooohooooooooooo!

    Happy Weekend!

    Enjoy your weekend, Boss Cat. 🙂

  4. LB Says:

    …and that’s when the apple falls on the head! *good idea*

    *smiles & curtsies to LB*

  5. angeles Says:

    phew!! bz moving office today! happy flyday!!

    Moving office on your birthday???
    Must be good feng shui day today. 😛

    Happy Birthday, Angeles. 🙂

    *HUGS & MUAKS*

  6. Can I be Hobbes under that tree?

    YES!!! 😀

    Nobody else can be a better Hobbes than you, Giddy Tigress. 🙂

  7. mistipurple Says:

    must find tree.

    There’re some nice trees in the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Misti. 😉

  8. Trinity Says:

    wah… Happy birthday and happy moving Angeles..hahaha…

    I think I can’t sleep like that under the tree… the ants are creeping on our back, aren’t they?

    what is cyclonic Jemima?

    How do you know breath and spirit have in the same root? How Dabs now about wind too? Everybody here sounds so sophisticated except me.. *doh*

    Yes… Happy Birthday, Angeles. 🙂

    Use some insect repellent, Trinity. 😛

    Hint: the root word is ‘cyclone’. 😉

    We’re not sophisticated. We’re still learning everyday from every available source to improve our knowledge. 🙂

  9. BossCat Says:

    if Giddy Tigress is the Hobbes under the tree, geeeee… i think i will be seeing her every where…

    *looks out the window to see if Boss Cat is right about Giddy Tigress aka Hobbes being everywhere*

  10. Dabido Says:

    Trinity – I know because I read everything I can get my hands on. lol
    It never hurts to stuff more knowledge into ones head. 🙂

    I agree, Dabs. 🙂

  11. zewt Says:

    ahhh… the beauty of slowing down….

    I’m glad you share my sentiments, Zewt. 🙂

    p.s. Hope you’ve been well.

  12. x5 Says:

    so very true…i VERY the stress la babe…:(
    maybe a visit to the spa wud help, dun u think? 🙂
    p/s: hope u’ve been well

    I’m OK but EXHAUSTED.. hence, I don’t mind going for a spa too, X5.

  13. alison Says:

    i need some rest too. 🙂

    I hope you managed to get some, Alison. 🙂

  14. stev Says:

    we all need rest

    mmm. maybe i should look at how that can be implemented. hmm.

    Hope you managed to get a good rest, Stev. 🙂

  15. When I need to relax for a time-out, I just go fishing. Not bothered about how many I’d catch just wanna relax. 🙂 Ask Boss Cat, she knows.

    Welcome, PinknPurpleLizard. 🙂

    Does Boss Cat go fishing with you? 😛

  16. mistipurple Says:

    where are you..you..you..*echo*

    I’m here now, Misti. *hugs*

  17. Yeah the Cat just started to fish and has been quite entertaining watching her learn… Although she (like other newbies) nearly killed me when I was teaching her to cast. LOL… Better go console the Cat after Cat say I perli her again. 😀

    Ditto, PinknPurpleLizard. 😛

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