down but not out

June 29, 2008


18 Responses to “down but not out”

  1. x5 Says:

    oh god..geez…i’m SO in need of a hug too babe!
    been a rough month…its tougher 2 even pick up d pieces n move on…;(

    here’s a hug 4 ya!

  2. day-dreamer Says:

    And a hug is what you shall get!

    * H U G S *

  3. Tine Says:

    Big big big HUGS for Jem!


  4. mistipurple Says:

    hey darling, what happened? *HUGSSSSS*

  5. RJ Says:

    how are u these days?

  6. Che-Cheh Says:

    awwww come let’s hug and hold hands.

  7. doc Says:

    here’s one for you but as for the puppy…er…i’m not much of a pet-lover.

  8. There there…here’s a hug to start your week off 🙂

  9. Angele Says:

    Here you go…


    🙂 And a big kiss to go with the huggies *muaks*

  10. Ooh … such a cute doggie. I wish I could send you a hug .. will a virtual hug do?

    *Gives Jemima a big huge hug*

  11. yhen Says:

    very innocent…

  12. _butt Says:

    aww… *gives Jemima a BIG hug* cheer up soon kie? 🙂

    I need a hug too! come hug meeee… things had been getting quite depressing lately 😦

  13. Got package for ya… Its a big hug! 🙂
    You’d need some TLC also if ur feeling like that puppy… A good meal also! Come, I belanja you…

  14. angeles Says:

    not well? get well soon! hugz!

  15. Trinity Says:

    dear Jemima, here’s my hugs and love and more hugs for you ((({{{Jemima}}})))

    Remember that He always there for you, you can run to Him anytime you need a hug, really BIG HUG!!

    Love in Christ,

  16. Dabido Says:

    Some days I wish I was out and not down! 😦

  17. jemima Says:

    My Dearest X5, D-D, Tine, Misti, RJ, Che-Cheh, Doc, Giddy Tigress, Angele, Andie, Yhen, _butt, PinknPurpleLizard, Angeles, Trinity, Dabs,

    *HUGE HUGS* to all of you.


  18. Trinity Says:

    yes, be fine… God bless you..

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