Know that You Are The Cause..

July 2, 2008

..of all undesirable circumstances in your life, as well as the desirable.

It took a lot of years to learn that I am responsible for everything happening in my life.

I am responsible for my illnesses.

I am responsible for my predicaments.

I am responsible for my losses.

I am responsible for my gains.

I am responsible for my successes.

I am responsible for my so-called failures.

I am not a victim. That’s what I would be if I placed the blame on somebody else for things that happened in my life.

Placing the blame is passing the buck and allowing others to control our life circumstances. Then, you would be the victim.

Sooner or later, we have to realize that we are doing it to ourselves. The good as well as the bad.

When we manifest unpleasantness, it’s an opportunity to find a better way.

When we fail at something, it’s just a learning experience. There is always the next time.

The point is this.

Look at your life and know it is your doing.


7 Responses to “Know that You Are The Cause..”

  1. zewt Says:

    indeed… we’re responsible for our lives… we reap what we sow… a frightening fact.

  2. BossCat Says:

    yeah! i am responsible for my deeds and i’ll have to answer all that myself. but look at the bright side,we learn from experience as we grow older and also we become wiser. that’s the best part of it. 😀

  3. It is ultimately annoying when we see people who is in distress but never fails to pass the blame on others. But I never say anything, only to be supportive.

    But I really wish I could say something without being disrespectful.

    It is much easier to blame ourselves for our own misfortunes. That way we have the power to change it around.

  4. cheepee Says:

    we have to be responsible but we are just a HUMAN being ..

  5. Trinity Says:

    I hope you are okay dear friend.. I hope everything fine with you…

    you are so true… we have to be responsible, but in God’s guidance we will be able to enjoy everything in our life as blessings, don’t forget that God works together in everything to bring something good in our life..

  6. Dabido Says:

    ‘I am responsible for my illnesses.’

    Eh? So if you catch bird flu that’s your fault?
    More likely you are responsible for getting treatment. But, not responsible for causing yourself to fall ill.

    Hmmm, we are responsible only for the things we can control. We don’t control God/Devil, other people, diseases, chance or even the weather. The only thing we can control is how we react to the situations. Yes, bad things are learning experiences [provided we survive], but, we are not always responsible for them happening to us.
    So, take responsibility for how you react, but know that you are not the cause of all bad or unhappiness that occurs in your life. But know that you can chose to over come them and not be the victim of circumstances. [And the truth be told, everyone is a victim of circumstance at one stage or another. It’s just how we chose to react to it that matters]. 🙂

  7. mistipurple Says:

    i have no clue about life, but i wish you happiness k? *hugs*

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