Watch Out!!!!!!!!!

August 11, 2008


13 Responses to “Watch Out!!!!!!!!!”

  1. beetrice Says:

    LMAO…that’s so true! 😀

    Trust me, it wasn’t funny yesterday, Bee. 😛

  2. day-dreamer Says:

    What’s ESP? @.@

    D-D, ESP = Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses.

  3. zewt Says:

    stay away…. stay away.

    Hehe.. smart move, Zewt. 😛

  4. Che-Cheh Says:

    Whoa tell me when you’re passing by. I’ll step aside. Hehe

    Che-Cheh, I don’t think I need to tell you in advance. Chester would have been able to sniff me out before my arrival. 😆

  5. trinity Says:

    hahaha… I will borrow this signage from you later, around 25th ok? hihihi

    No problem, Trinity. 😉

  6. yhen Says:

    ei, wats esp? cant relate? hehe

    Yhen, please refer to my answer to D-D. 😛

  7. Tine Says:

    Hear hear! Everyone else step aside, Mistress Jem is here 😉


    Thanks, Tine. 😉

  8. Yesss… I am a bitch too!!

    *gives Andie a high-5* 😀

  9. _butt Says:

    I might want to borrow this from you too!

    You’re welcome to it, _butt.

  10. Dabido Says:

    If you ever need to know anything, ask a teenager, they know everything! 🙂

    ESP = Extra Smelly Perception.
    These people can smell your farts before you do them.

    PMS = Precision Military Science.
    These girls will rip your heart out in nanoseconds when you tell them their skirt does make their butt look big!!!

    LOL.. You must have been a smart teenager, Dabs. 😛

  11. kyels Says:

    I shall watch out then!


    *starts singing to Kyels*
    You better watch out..
    You better not cry.. 😆

  12. boss cat Says:

    *take off shoes and tip toe*

    *silently walk away from Jem*

    *crossed finger*

    *hope she did not notice the CAT*


    BOOOO!!!! *Boss Cat had a fright* 😆

  13. *runs away and hide*

    You’re a Tigress.. surely you can’t be afraid of a two-legged bitch. 😆

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