tears & laughter

August 28, 2008


12 Responses to “tears & laughter”

  1. day-dreamer Says:

    Hmm… now that you’ve mentioned it, I realized these words are very true indeed.

    D-D, sometimes we need our friends to give us a nudge.. even regarding the simple things in life. 😉

  2. trinity Says:

    but sometimes, I am looking back on the tears and still crying… and looking back on laughs also make me smile.:-)

    You said the key-word, Trinity. “..sometimes..” 😉

  3. cc Says:

    Oh, I love this so so much!

    I’m glad to know that, CC.
    Thanks. 🙂

  4. boss cat Says:

    why not? tears of JOY!


    Ditto, Boss Cat. 😉

  5. Oh, that’s bittersweet indeed. Well, let’s hope for more laughs in the future than tears, eh? *hugs*

    I’m hoping for that, Kenny. 🙂


  6. yhen Says:

    wow… memories…

    Precious ones, Yhen. 😉

  7. Kyels Says:

    We will always have tears and laughter wherever we go in our lives.


    Indeed, Kyels. 😉

  8. U look back on the sad times and laugh at urself – I do that sometimes but me don really gets wat Jem mean here with 2nd phrase… *Scratch head*

    Ntw, PinknPurpleLizard. 😉

  9. kat Says:

    I hope the tears are just tears of sentimentality. 🙂

    Most of them are, Kat. 😉

  10. dabido65 Says:

    And I never knew looking at my back would make me shave it!!!! 😀

    Hahahaha.. Thanks, Dabs. 😆

  11. Angele Says:

    Jem… how have you been? Sorry haven’t been around lately. You’re in my thoughts.

    Ntw & no apologies needed, Angele.
    You’re in mine too.. *hugs*

  12. jemima Says:

    I’ll be back to reply your comments soon, my friends


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