What you Resist persists

September 29, 2008

Do you hate the way you look?

Do you despise the idea of having to work eight hours every day while your neighbour has started what you think is a cushy little business?

Do you bemoan the fact that you’re driving a ten-year-old car while your friends drive new cars?

Do you feel you’re unworthy?

Do you feel you’re a failure?

Do you feel you’re incompetent?

All of the above are aspects of resistance. The more you wallow in them, the greater they will become.

The key is to accept who you are. Stop resisting. Replace resisting with acceptance.

You are who you are and that’s perfect.

Do you know how much energy it takes to resist all the things in your life that you consider to be negatives?

Accept who you are and go on from there.

Can’t you feel the peace that comes over you when you suddenly realize there was no need for all this resistance?

Accept and take a giant step toward happiness.


September 25, 2008

A pencil needs sharpening from time to time


– to keep it sharp and pointed!

Every person needs honing and polishing of one’s mindset in order to keep one’s mind sharpened.

A person who keeps the pencil of one’s mind sharpened can write a better story of one’s life!

I’ll Be Back! šŸ˜‰


September 24, 2008


Don’t Beguile Me

September 20, 2008


September 17, 2008

Never judge a man until you’ve walked in his shoes..

We’ve all heard this before.

Suppose you have a friend who seems to love playing practical jokes. And you hate it! But you never gave a thought as to why he does it. Maybe there are things tearing at him, things he feels he has no control over. So, he plays practical jokes to get even with society. He wants to make others look silly, because he feels he looks silly.

Now you’re saying to yourself, “What kind of guy would play these kind of tricks?”

That’s a judgment.

You are judging him. And since it’s impossible to see things in someone that don’t exist in us, we are judging ourselves.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to accept him as he is? Then, we would be accepting ourselves, which is a giant step toward loving ourselves – which is the final step toward loving others.