Tell me…

September 2, 2008


13 Responses to “Tell me…”

  1. Because we still have the sense of touch? And undressing is such a LOVE-able activity? 😛

    For who, Kenny? Venus or Mars? 😛


  2. waz Says:

    good one…

    Glad you like it, Waz. 😛

  3. zewt Says:

    hahahahaha… that’s a good one. so it’s not that blind after all eh?

    I guess it’s a matter of opinion, Zewt. 😛

  4. cc Says:

    You never seize to amaze me with just a few simple words.

    I guess it’s the profession I’m in, CC. 😉
    Besides, I’m too buzy to blog ‘normally’ at the moment.

  5. day-dreamer Says:

    Good question. LOL.

    So what’s your answer, D-D? 😛

  6. trinity Says:

    hahaha.. may be to cover men’s eyes? hahaha

    Is that what you do that to your hubby, Trinity? *Double Winks*


  7. Che-Cheh Says:

    Haha I also want to know why… 😛

    Some of my friends have come up with some pretty good suggestions, Che-Cheh. 😉

  8. yhen Says:

    love is blind… to those who want to believe it is blind. but i belive it is unconditional.

    That’s a great belief, Yhen. 🙂

  9. Dabido Says:

    I stopped wearing lingerie. People kept giving me strange looks when I walked down the road dressed as Frankenfurter.

    [For those who don’t know who Frankenfurter is, think Rocky Horror Picture Show]. 🙂

    Dabs, some of my varsity mates used to dress up as characters from that show when we had our varsity ball. 🙂

  10. mistipurple Says:

    i can’t find a decent lingerie that fits me.

    Isn’t that great, Misti? That means you look “indecent” & sexy in them. 😛
    *runs off before Misti whacks me*

  11. h.c.tan Says:

    haiyo lingerie is the pre part of undressing it. haha

    So says the very experienced Hooi Ching. 😛


  12. Hmm… Wait. I gotta ask Wall-E.

    You do that, PinknPurpleLizard. 😛

  13. Niyaz Says:

    Because most of the love.. i mean most of the love comes in teen age. Really love is blind for less percentage of people in this generation.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on love, Niyaz. 😀

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