A New Beginning

September 9, 2008

10 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. angeles Says:

    a new beginning for me soon… though pretty daunting…

    Don’t let any negative thoughts discourage you, Angeles.

    I wish you the very best. 🙂

  2. annant Says:

    nice sunset u captured 😀

    Not me. A friend who likes to remain anonymous, Annant. 😉

  3. In other words, for something better to come our way, sometimes we have to let go of something else… bad things in the past maybe. And that’s a good thing. 🙂

    My exact sentiments, Kenny. 🙂
    You read my thoughts well. 😉

  4. Dabido Says:

    I’m beginning to crave pizza … hope it doesn’t end! 🙂


    I hope it doesn’t too, Dabs. 😉

  5. _butt Says:

    I could just stare into the lovely sunset picture and daydream away…

    a new beginning is what everyday is like. 😀

    That’s a great attitude, _butt. 🙂

  6. yhen Says:

    this is a line from the song Closing Time, ryt? i believe this is true.

    I don’t think I know the song, Yhen.

  7. dabido65 Says:

    Now that I think about it, I have a BIG END, so I must be about to have a BIG BEGINNING! 🙂

    Hahahaha.. I supposed you’ll be leaving BIG COMMENTS here there & everywhere after that, Dabs. 😛

  8. ianliew Says:


    Hello, bro. 😛
    Bye, bro. 😉

  9. Let me quote Smashing Pumpkins ‘The end is the beginning is the end’ or ‘The beginning is end is the beginning’. 😀

    Thanks, Lizzy. 😀

  10. cc Says:

    Beautiful picture, truthful words.

    Glad you like them, CC. 🙂

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