September 17, 2008

Never judge a man until you’ve walked in his shoes..

We’ve all heard this before.

Suppose you have a friend who seems to love playing practical jokes. And you hate it! But you never gave a thought as to why he does it. Maybe there are things tearing at him, things he feels he has no control over. So, he plays practical jokes to get even with society. He wants to make others look silly, because he feels he looks silly.

Now you’re saying to yourself, “What kind of guy would play these kind of tricks?”

That’s a judgment.

You are judging him. And since it’s impossible to see things in someone that don’t exist in us, we are judging ourselves.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to accept him as he is? Then, we would be accepting ourselves, which is a giant step toward loving ourselves – which is the final step toward loving others.

8 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. cc Says:

    It’s easy to be judgmental, some people seem to feed off of it. I agree with you and it’s something I’m learning to do.

    p/s: The RSS problem seems to be with Blogline as it’s working fine on google reader. Can you change the subscription of my feed to ? That should work. Thank you!

    Let us learn together, CC. 🙂

    The reader is ok now. All your last 3 posts have shown up.
    Your feed is duly noted.
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. BossCat Says:

    correct. never judge people or people will judge you back. i do look at weird people with a look and forget about it the next second. too busy to even think about it… LOL

    it’s public holiday. how was your day? heh~

    I’m sure they look at you just the same, Boss Cat. 😛

    My day was as always…
    Thanks for asking.

  3. foongfoong Says:

    hi hi…

    Hello Foong Foong. 🙂

  4. Dabido Says:

    Never judge a man till you’ve walked a mile in his stilettos????

    Why not, Dabs? 😆

  5. yhen Says:

    hmm i agree… well this is a cliche but still it works… “Don’t do unto others what you dont want others do unto you.”

    I agree with you too, Yhen. 🙂

  6. h.c.tan Says:

    i think how someone acts or reacts (character in general) is his/her own way of self-defense mechanism…so must learn how to understand that person loh…

    OK loh… *winks at Hooi Ching*

  7. Dabido Says:

    Cause after walking a mile in his stilettos you know why he is cranky all the time. Sore back, blisters on feet from silly pointy shoes that crunch his toes together, legs are sore from trying to stand as though going downhill all the time … and if you walk a mile whilst wearing his girdle, itchy wig and dress which is two sizes too small, then you REALLY know why he is a bad tempered old coot! 🙂

    Don’t tell me that he was you, Dabs. 😆

  8. Kyels Says:

    It’s often easier for humans to be stereotypes and judgmental b/c they have an excuse to pin-point fingers. Never judge anyone before knowing what they are going through but how often do we do that?


    Kyels, let us together learn to become better people by refraining ourselves from doing just that. 🙂

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