October 27, 2008


9 Responses to “candles”

  1. Jose Says:

    hey there… just dropping by… Are you a christian? Where are you from? Im from Ipoh… keep in touch… Nice blog you have there too… hope to hear from you soon too…. bye

    Thanks for dropping by, Jose. 🙂

    I believe in GOD.
    I was told that I’m from Venus. 😆

    Thanks for your kind compliments. 🙂

  2. kyh Says:

    this is so so meaningful! me likes!!! 😀

    I’m glad you like it, Kyh. 🙂

  3. Jose Says:

    Hey there… just dropping by… Nice blog you have there….Are you a christian? Where are you from?

  4. Trinity Says:

    Venus girl, I never thought about this before! 🙂 but it is so true… 🙂

    Don’t thank me, Trinity.
    Thank Erin Majors for the beautiful quote. 😉

  5. Hmmm…

    *Suddenly thinks about lighting a bonfire* behave yourself, Lizzy. 😛

  6. Dabido Says:

    iPoh belongs to Apple. Better to live in Venus. 🙂

    I tried lighting another candle with my candle and dropped it. It set fire to my pants. Playing with fire can be dangerous! But, who cares, it’s only a pair of pants, one house, the neighbours house, everything in both houses, a car, a fire truck, and a lot of trees which burned. 🙂

    Aren’t you from Mars, Dabs??? 😛

    *imagines Dabs running around with his pants on fire* 😆

  7. yhen Says:

    wow.. this is so deep! it took me hours to comprehend this! nice one jem! 😉

    I’m glad you got it, Yhen. 😉

  8. Dabido Says:

    Shhh, you’re not supposed to mention that I also burned everything on Mars too! 🙂

    Oppsie, Dabs!!! 😛

  9. Kyels Says:

    Very meaningful!


    Glad to have you share my sentiments, Kyels. 😉

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