October 29, 2008

I’ve learned that a good relationship between me and my family, my friends, and my business associates can be boiled down to one word: respect.


10 Responses to “respect”

  1. zewt Says:

    but u have to earn it first though… 🙂

    I’m sure I have, Zewt. 😉

  2. How true…and some obnoxious people wonder why people do not respect them.

    Yup, I have some colleagues who are like that, Giddy Tigress.

  3. Gallivanter Says:

    sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me! 🙂

    DOH!!! Dan.. 😛

  4. Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Respect’ said it too in the 60s. 😉

    That’s one of my fave song by the diva, Lizzy. 🙂

  5. day-dreamer Says:

    How very true.

    Glad you think so, D-D. 🙂

  6. x5 Says:

    yup! and that makes things a lil less complicated than it already is 🙂

    *nods in agreement with X5* 🙂

  7. Dabido Says:

    Why can’t abuse be like that?

    R-E-S-P-C … no wait, let me start again.
    R-E-S-P-E-T-C … ops. Wait, I’ve got it.
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T-I … ooo, too far.
    R-E-P …
    M-I-L-D A-D-M-I-R-A-T-I-O-N
    That will have to do for me,
    Cause I can’t spell RESPECT!
    Just a little
    Still can’t spell it
    Just a little bit …

    *gives Dabs a whack every time he incorrectly spelt “respect”* 😛

  8. Kyels Says:

    You’re right but how often do people give respect to others – it’s quite rare nowadays actually.

    Rarity is better than none, Kyels. 😉

  9. Trinity Says:

    yup, we have to respect ourselves as well, and respect others… and speak respectfully, and no need to be respected all the time, as long as we really respect ourselves.. oh what do I say here… *doh*

    Doh!!!! *winks at Trinity*

  10. yhen Says:

    hear! hear! hear!

    “do unto others wat u want others do to you.”

    Hear! Hear! To your comment too, Yhen. 😉

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