November 17, 2008



What is Snail Mail?


10 Responses to “Hint”

  1. faa Says:

    i love old school things..
    one of it, is snail mail ^_~

    Looks like I’m not alone, Faa. 😉

  2. _butt Says:

    I love snail mails too!! hehe

    ah, a hint. kindly drop your address to my email. 😀

    Another fan! 😛

    You’ve got mail, _butt. 😉

  3. I love mail. I love snail mail. And if prepared properly by a master chef, I love snails too. 😆

    Email me your addy & you’ll get a snail mail from me, Kenny. 😉

    Escargot!!!!!!!! *salivates* 😛

  4. Bosscat Says:

    add please?

    hope no snails are kill during this process..


    You’ve got mail, Boss Cat. 😉

    Definitely none.. unless they met a french chef. 😛

  5. waz Says:

    nice pic!
    thanks for the link! i like it…it’s full load of resources! 🙂

    My pleasure, Waz. 🙂

  6. Kyels Says:

    I love snail mails too. And I get your hint … Heehee.


    I knew you would, Kyels. 😛

  7. Trinity Says:

    don’t mind to send snail mail to you! Address please…

    You’ve got mail, Trinity. 😉

  8. me too! 😀

    Do email me your addy in Frisco, GT. 😉

  9. x5 Says:

    k, k..got the message girl! 😉

    Thanks, X5. 😀

  10. zewt Says:

    this brought me back to the days of… pen-pals… hah!

    Zewt, I think most of us had pen-pals.. once upon a time.. 😛

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