Be Sincere

November 23, 2008

Insincerity is trying to get away with as much as you can.

Most insincerity is the result of trying to please others, especially when you’re afraid you won’t be liked if you speak the truth or say how you really feel.

Don’t pretend to care about something when you really don’t care at all. It just sets people up to expect what you have no intention of delivering. Remember your manners, but be straight-forward just the same.

People will dislike you more for misleading them than if you hurt them openly.

When people are aware you hurt them, they can protect themselves and limit the damage. When you deceive them, you lull them into a false sense of security and lower their guard. The damage you do is greater because it is tainted with your betrayal.

Say what you really mean. You may risk rejection if you do, but it’s better than hating yourself for using others.

When you are insincere, you become insensitive to others and unaware when you hurt or use them. Worse, you justify your actions by claiming that you’re only doing what others would do if they are in your position.

When you try to convince yourself that everyone is just as superficial as you, the loveliness of the world fades and nothing seems to matter or have meaning.

When others depend on your strength, it is your sincerity they are counting upon.


I mean to make a difference.

I act in accordance with my intentions.

I have nothing to hide.


9 Responses to “Be Sincere”

  1. That picture says it — if one keeps on being insincere, one risks losing one’s sense of self, one’s true face, literally! 😛

    I like the three statements at the end of the post, would serve well as a personal mantra, or something to repeat at the start of each day, to remind myself to be truthful to… me.

    Have a lovely Sunday, dear.

    Bingo, Kenny! Your comment is spot-on regarding why I chose to use that picture. 😛

    I’m also truly honoured that you like the reflections at the end. *curtsies*

  2. mistipurple Says:

    i am not always sincere. survival of the fittest around here.
    yikes, i’m a bad friend to have. sometimes i am tired of being nice.

    But at least you are sincere about being insincere.. hence, you’re balanced, Misti. 😉

  3. day-dreamer Says:

    Couldn’t agree more…

    As I once told my friends, if you bring out your sincerity, there’s no way you can not find me.

    I hope that your friends will always remember that, D-D. 🙂

  4. x5 Says:

    ever heard of the phrase ‘ insincerity in sincerity’?
    ive been told once…havent gotten ard understanding it tho’.
    whatever it is…no matter how sincere we think, told or try to be…one can be fooled, but one cant fool her/himself, can they?
    have a good week ahead 🙂

    We’re fooled by others ‘coz of other obstacles, X5.
    Yup, we definitely can’t fool ourselves.

    You have a great week too.. 🙂

  5. Trinity Says:…hm…. I hope I have been sincere enough all this time…

    I’m sure you have, Trinity. 🙂

  6. Dabido Says:

    But do we care that some girl has lost her face to the wind?
    Darn wind!!!! Last time I tell her to stand in the path of a typhoon!!!!

    DABS!!!!!!!!! Welcome back! 🙂

    Your funny comments have been missed. 😛

  7. Kyels Says:

    Couldn’t agree more w/your post dear. It’s hard to find sincere people these days. Most of them are insincere and they’ve stories to create … Bah!

    Looks like we both have had a fair share running into insincere people, Kyels. *sigh*

  8. yhen Says:

    ei, another reminder from you jem… thanks a lot! 😉

    My pleasure, Yhen. 🙂

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