The Stranger

December 1, 2008

At Christmas time there was a man
who looked so out of place,
as people who rushed about him
at a hurried sort of pace.

He stared at all the Christmas lights,
the tinsel everywhere,
The shopping centre, Santa Claus,
with children gathered near.

The Mall was packed with shoppers
who were going to and fro,
Some with smiles and some with frowns
and some too tired to go.

They rested on the benches
or they hurried on their way,
to fight the crowd for purchases
to carry home that day.

The music from a stereo
was playing loud and clear
of Santa Claus, and snow men,
and a funny-nosed reindeer.

He heard the people talk about
the good times on the way,
Of parties, fun, and food galore,
and gifts exchanged that day.

“I’d like to know what’s going on,”
the man was heard to say,
“There seems to be some sort of
celebration on the way.

“And would you tell me who this is,
all dressed in red and white?
And why are children asking him
about a special night”?

The answer came in disbelief,
“I can’t believe my ear!
I can’t believe you do not know
that Christmas time is here,

The time when Santa comes around
with gifts for girls and boys,
When they’re asleep on Christmas,
he leaves them books and toys”.

“The man you see in red and white
is Santa Claus, so sly,
The children love his joyful laugh
and twinkle in his eye.

“His gift packed sleigh is pulled
along by very small reindeer,
As he flies quickly through the air,
while darting here and there.

“The children learn of Santa
while they are still quite small.
When Christmas comes, he is the most
important one of all.”

The stranger hung his head in shame,
he closed a nail-pierced hand.
His body shook in disbelief;
he did not understand.

A shadow crossed his stricken face,
his voice was low but clear,
“After all these years, they still don’t know.”
And Jesus shed a tear.

– Author Unknown –


The secular view of Christmas has become bigger than the religious one. While I love the shopping, gifts, food, and of course SANTA CLAUS, we need to remember the true reason for the season. Christmas is a religious holiday (as so many seem to forget) and while there’s nothing wrong with the ‘fun’ stuff, it is the celebration of the birth of Christ.

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9 Responses to “The Stranger”

  1. A time of blessings, great and small, if we but remove our glasses and see with our eyes instead of our vision. 🙂

    That’s so true, Kenny. 🙂

  2. kyh Says:

    Just 3 weeks away! 😀

    Who’s counting, Kyh? 😛

  3. Wennnn Says:

    Merry Christmas dear!!!

    A Blessed Christmas to you & family, Wennnn. 🙂

  4. mistipurple Says:

    hopefully santa can lead some to baby Jesus.

    I hope so too, Misti. 😉

  5. Bring out the eggnog!

    Cheers, Lizzy. 😛

  6. This touched my heart so. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem, Jem.

    I’m glad to hear that, Giddy Tigress.. coz’ I know I’m not the only one affected by the poem.

    The pleasure’s mine, my friend. 🙂

  7. yhen Says:

    i really can feel the spirit of christmas in your blog… love it!

    merry christmas to you jem.

    Come back for more, Yhen. 😉

    A Blessed Christmas to you too. 😀

  8. Tine Says:

    I haven’t read that poem before, but it really struck a chord in me. Thanks, my dear, for the reminder of what Christmas really is about 🙂

    The pleasure’s mine, Tine. *HUGS*

  9. Kyels Says:

    Love the Yuletide feel and it’s coming nearer!


    Yup, it’ll be here in no time, Kyels. 😉

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