It only takes a moment longer to do it right.

When you rush, you lose your place in your mind, your balance totters, your purpose dissipates.

Take time to see the beauty around you.

Take time to see the order, the existing plan, the architecture of the place.

Take time to see the balance, the imbalance, the light, the shade, the full places about to be emptied, the empty places about to be filled.

Take time to see the difference, the contrast, the supporters, and the antagonists.

Take time to see how you fit in.

Take time to find the right path, the course of passion, and the highest good.

Take time to find your place, and know before you do that it is always changing. Know that you have to be changing to fit in harmoniously.

Take time to know the intent of others, to understand the direction of the wind, the ebb of tides, and the emerging cloud faces.

Take time to see beauty.

Take time to know your response.

Take time to be beautiful.

The beauty that escapes  you leaves a hungry soul behind.


I appreciate the goodness of the human spirit.

I realize how easily flowers fade.

I accept that life is fleeting, and know

how all of this beauty can slip away if

I do not take the time to notice.

This CNY give…

January 23, 2009

as Oren Arnold suggested:

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.

To a friend, your heart.

To a customer, service.

To all, charity.

To every child, a good example.

To yourself, respect.


Take the Time to Do Nothing

January 16, 2009


Time for gathering your thoughts.

Time for feeling the sun.

Time for listening to the sounds of nature.

Too many events fill your day, crowd you out of your life, and leave you exhausted without a clear recollection of what you did.

If you paused and took time to put expectations and schedules aside and took a walk instead of lunch, you’d remember that time, empty of intention, more clearly than your busy day.

It is in the empty spaces that life takes place – not in the planning, but in the repose.

You need to be present for what is not there as much as you are for what is.

You need to sense the volume of things.

The expanse of the sky.

The breadth of horizon.

You are measured by the things you see.

Your contemplation shapes your life as much as your doing.

Be more on the edge, where looking out and looking in meet.

All truth gathers there and defines your being.


I experience everything.

I hold onto nothing.

I become the world.


Painting: Night Moves by Migdalia  Arellano

Protected: Growing

January 11, 2009

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Don’t be Lazy

January 6, 2009

No one really wants to work, especially when the work is someone else’s and moves you toward a goal that has nothing to do with what your life is about.

It’s easy to feel lazy when you don’t find any purpose in what you’re doing.

Money soon loses its power to motivate you. Money is like that. Pursuing it makes you crazy.

Even if you grab the brass ring on the merry-go-round, you can sometimes feel pretty stupid that, after winning a meaningless symbol, you are still going around in circles, still pleasing others.

What can anything mean, really mean, that is not of yourself?

You’re never lazy when you do what you love, although sometimes you’re just afraid and push the work you love away. You’re only afraid of the right work because you don’t want to discover unpleasant truths about yourself. The right work tells on you.

It can reveal that you are not as competent as you would like to be.

Or not as talented, and that you are really going to have to work at your success.

Or not as special, and that you have nothing very earth-shattering to say.

Or not as original, and that you have a lot of growing to do.

Join the club. If you risk doing what you are supposed to do, you may make a sad discovery that you are not as good as you had hoped, but you also may find that you are not as bad as you had feared.

Your life started a long time ago. Are you on the right road? Are you doing what you want to be doing?

Now what is all this laziness about?


I seek my life’s work, my being and purpose.

I am not afraid to discover my worth, for I already love myself.