Take the Time to Do Nothing

January 16, 2009


Time for gathering your thoughts.

Time for feeling the sun.

Time for listening to the sounds of nature.

Too many events fill your day, crowd you out of your life, and leave you exhausted without a clear recollection of what you did.

If you paused and took time to put expectations and schedules aside and took a walk instead of lunch, you’d remember that time, empty of intention, more clearly than your busy day.

It is in the empty spaces that life takes place – not in the planning, but in the repose.

You need to be present for what is not there as much as you are for what is.

You need to sense the volume of things.

The expanse of the sky.

The breadth of horizon.

You are measured by the things you see.

Your contemplation shapes your life as much as your doing.

Be more on the edge, where looking out and looking in meet.

All truth gathers there and defines your being.


I experience everything.

I hold onto nothing.

I become the world.


Painting: Night Moves by Migdalia  Arellano