Hey! Hey! It’s Friday!

February 20, 2009



10 Responses to “Hey! Hey! It’s Friday!”

  1. Che-Cheh Says:

    Happy Weekend!

    You have a beaut one too, Che-Cheh. 😀

  2. x5 Says:

    ….and dont the weekend footie!! weeeeeeeeee….
    5 points up babe!

    Then we’ll be 8 points up, X5. 😀

  3. day-dreamer Says:

    I have classes on Saturday but I’m still happy on my Friday… hahaha!

    Happy weekend, Jem!

    That’s the right attitude, D-D. 😀

    Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  4. Bosscat Says:

    yeah… Friday Friday Friday… but i have saturday classes… 😦

    But your classes are good for you, no???

    Anyway, have a great Sunday! 😉

  5. RJ Says:

    hey girl…. how ya doing? been ages since I left a comment here. Sowie heheh. love that pic you posted. Maybe I’ll print it and post it on the board at work lol. hey hey thanks for teh comment on Kyels blg on urs trulys pic lol. bloodshot eyes lol. we’ll post a shot of alcohol related eyes when we do take a photo lol. cheers babs…and great weekand ^_^

    RJ, no apologies pls…..
    As I said to my friend, Hooi Ching, tonight, there’s more to life than blogs. 😉

    Go ahead & print it if you wish.

    LOL.. I’m sure that will make an interesting post. 😛

    Have a great week, babe. 😀

  6. Trinity Says:

    happy weekend!!! dont be weakend… happy strongend! hahaha…it’s Sunday! Time to go to God’s house!

    Thanks for the advice, Trinity. 🙂

    Have a Blessed Week! 🙂

  7. waz Says:

    nice…where did you get this pic?

    A colleague forwarded it to me, Waz. 😉

  8. Devi Girsang Says:

    LOL. I’m sure you’ve had a nice weekend. Hope you have a nice Monday as well! 🙂

    I had a restful weekend, Devi. Thanks.

    Have a great week! 😀

  9. I love this Life Instructions! Very true and we should all aim for following them! 😀

    I find your blog to be full of Life Instructions, Kenny.. though they’re ‘subtle’. 😉

  10. Kyels Says:

    It’s a bit late to comment but “hey, hey, it’s Wednesday!”.


    Today ain’t just any Wednesday, Kyels. 😉
    Today is Ash Wednesday.

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