The Truth

March 30, 2009

Live your life so that the truth is your friend.

The truth is the beginning of freedom.

The truth is freedom.

The truth is its own explanation.

One truth admits all others.

The truth is within you.

Don’t fight it. Admitting the truth only hurts when it should.

It only takes one small truth to pierce your false illusions, and yet one truth can set your whole life straight.

The truth is the cure for confusion.

Only being loyal to truth will comfort you.

Being able to hear the truth is being able to understand the mysteries of your life and connect them.

People will only tell you the truth that you are able to hear. And so you can only have others’ love if you can hear all of their truth.

If love is anything, love is truth.

Where the truth is most easily expressed, stress is lowest.

Courage comes when you seek the truth.

Healing begins when you accept it.

Tell the truth so you’re not in pain and can love the world again.


10 Good Things

March 22, 2009

I came across this in an old journal.


There are ten good things for which no man has ever been sorry:-

For doing good to all;

For speaking evil of no one;

For hearing before judging;

For thinking before speaking;

For holding an angry tongue;

For being kind to the distressed;

For asking pardon for all wrongs;

For being patient toward everybody;

For stopping the ear of the tale bearer;

For dis-believing most of the evil reports.


March 18, 2009

Someone said to me, “Don’t hurry, don’t worry, and don’t think too much.”

I thought that is a pretty good advice for a person seeking happiness.


There are No Bad Guys

March 12, 2009

When we take a good look at the “bad guys” who appear in our lives and analyze who they are and what they are thinking, we suddenly realize that they are teachers who have come along at precisely the right moment in our lives. That is what they are: teachers.

They present an obstacle to overcome that teaches us a lesson to be learned, forcing us to stretch ourselves because they stand in the way of the path that leads to our personal heaven.

They are an illusion that appears to be very real.

Bad guys are actors in the play of life, and since we write our own script, where is the problem?

If we would  just row our boat and go gently down the stream, we would realize that obstacles appearing on the path are really teachers forcing us to stretch ourselves as we reach higher.

These are just thoughts that lead to happiness. I am convinced  that merely by adjusting our thoughts in life, we can guarantee our own bliss, our own happiness.