Come from Love

May 31, 2009


Coming from love is being open, truthful, and simple.

When you come from love, you initiate your actions from the belief that you are deserving and that other people are good.

It makes perfect sense.

Look for trouble and you’ll find it.

Ask what is wrong and people will tell you.

The good can be fleeting and become lost behind suspicion and self-doubt. So discover what is right and bring it out in others.

Don’t worry. What is wrong and problematic will still be there to work on when you return to it later.

When you come from love, you do not play the fool or become a doormat, for coming from love means first of all that you love yourself. When you do it is harder for others to take advantage of you.

When you come from love, you are the most open. Deception seems obvious to you and you feel less inhibited about speaking out.

When you come from love, you are simply being your best.

When you come from love, you create love around you.

When you come from love, you live in a loving world.

I find love when I look within…

I create love all around me.

I see the signs of love everywhere I look…

I remember I am lovable.

My Very 1st Friend

May 10, 2009

My Dearest Precious Mom means so much to me.

She has always been so true and kind.

My best friend on earth she has proved to be.

For her love that’s so pure and divine, she taught me to love the Saviour above.

Through all of the sorrows and trials we knew, she trusted Him.

She taught me as I grew older to believe in His wonderful love.

Thank God for a Mother like mine.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers & mothers-to-be.