Don’t forget to Live

June 14, 2009



24 Responses to “Don’t forget to Live”

  1. jemima Says:

    Got this in an email from a very good friend. 🙂

  2. bosscat Says:

    to be honest

    i was dying to leave secondary school and NOW college… then dying to work so i can get money and travel… wooohoooo….

    *submit application form to those wanna travel with me now*

    but then.. not dying to marry or pakthor pun… no one wants the cat.. not desperate pun… 😀

    so i’m living my life GOOD!

  3. bosscat Says:

    the uncle in the photo look a bit like popeye… hehe

  4. x5 Says:

    good reminder – i’m just beginning to live again and embracing every single step of it.

    living for yesterday, today and …tomorrow.

    -dont forget to say hello every now and then Jem 🙂

    • jemima Says:

      That’s truly living, X5. 😀

      My apologies for not being in touch as often as before.
      Thanks for reminding me to stay in touch. 😉

  5. waz Says:

    and i’m dying to leave a comment!

  6. zewt Says:

    these words of wisdom, we hear once too often… but time and time again, we never fully grasp its absolute meaning.

  7. I heard this a long time ago.
    It is full of wisdom.

  8. anjali* Says:

    Yeah, how true. That is why I have learn to take things easy nowadays – not to sweat the small stuff.

  9. Me? I’m always trying to live each day to the fullest! 😀

  10. Angele Says:

    bosscat Says:

    June 14, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    the uncle in the photo look a bit like popeye… hehe

    *lol* at bosscat 😛

    When I first saw the man in the picture I thought it was l’Abbé Pierre in his “younger” days! Hahaha!!

  11. stev Says:

    every magic moment…

    to be enjoyed


  12. Jemima Says:

    nice name!

    Likewise! 😛

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