The Window

August 8, 2009








Source: A forwarded email.

12 Responses to “The Window”

  1. waz Says:

    lol…good one!
    so remember Jemima, after you get married, don’t voice out too much criticisms like them other wifeys!!! stop, hush and check your state of mind first! 😛

  2. waz Says:

    lol…same here, me think!

  3. Sherry Says:

    Jem, that is a gem! We are so good at hurling comments at things which we are something guilty of doing.

  4. The lady never offer her dobi services or engage window cleaning services… LOL

    As for the lady… Everyone’s a critic.

  5. misti Says:

    i try not to look too clearly instead, lol.
    ignorance is bliss. 😉

    • jemima Says:

      LOL…hence, don’t bother to get any reading glasses when you have trouble reading..blogs included. 😛

      So is many other things, Misti. 😛

  6. x5 Says:

    nice one Jem! 🙂

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