Don’t take it Personally

September 24, 2009

People are selfish. They are wrapped up in their own world.They don’t notice your suffering or celebrate your success.

Don’t take it personally.

Disinterest seems to be the way of the world. This is neither wrong nor right, neither good nor bad. It simply is the way it is.

Think how it would be if people did notice every time you did something wrong. They would point it out to you. They would confuse you with suggestions. They would anger you with their instructions. It would be harder to make corrections and move on.

Don’t take it personally when a stranger gets angry at you; assume that it has nothing to do with you. He had been holding in his feelings a long time before you came into his life.

Don’t take it personally when your neighbor complains about your dog, when your car breaks down right after you had it fixed, or when your computer fails and important data are lost.

The negativity that you choose to react to is only a sounding board for what you feel inside. These same events would have happened whether you were there or not. If you did not feel bad about yourself, you never would have taken the events of the world so personally.

The outside world has nothing to do with you.

The world is within you – all the caring, all the sublime inspiration, all the doubt.

The way you react to the world only reflects how you feel about yourself.


24 Responses to “Don’t take it Personally”

  1. “The way you react to the world only reflects how you feel about yourself.”

    I think this is the most painful thing I have read all year, Jemima. It can be so hard, not to react… But we keep trying and we keep surviving against the odds.

    Gosh, and that final picture/conversation is hitting me like a ton of bricks now too… 😦

    • jemima Says:

      I’m just trying to find inner peace within especially when things go ‘wrong’ because I can only handle so much, Kenny.

      Hence, I’m telling myself to remember that I’m the world within. I think you know what I mean.

      That pix conversation is similar to a real conversation I had over the Raya weekend with the most important person in my life.


  2. The world is within you yet you are not the world… It is hard for some (who have lived within themselves for so long) to look at the outside world. It’s sad coz they end up missing so much…

    Hope you’re well, Jem 🙂

  3. kat Says:

    Whether the world is good or the world is cruel, it all has to do with our own perceptions and our personal emotions at the moment we are experiencing it. In the flush of first love, does the world not seem rosy and warm? In the pangs of cold and hunger, does the world not seem unkind and brutal?

    It’s a battle every day, not to take it personally when things don’t go your way, or people don’t react the way you expect them to. My mantra is always, ‘You can’t change others, you can only change yourself.’ Trying really hard to live by that!

    *sends happy thoughts across the oceans*

    • jemima Says:

      It’s definitely an on-going battle that we all manage to survive from, Kat.

      Thanks for sharing your mantra, my friend. I like it. 🙂

      *catches Kat’s happy thoughts with an open mind*


  4. tuti Says:

    the pix conversation you had with the most important person in your life, is very very meaningful.
    i wish you happiness too, jem.

  5. Cocoy Says:

    Just visiting and enjoy reading.
    Keep on writing….

    Regards to all…

  6. x5 Says:

    nope…not taking it personally ;p

    how have you been dearie?

  7. bosscat Says:

    don’t take it personally what you have just read… LOL

    im joking..

  8. zewt Says:

    not easy as we are all emotional creatures… we are meant to take things into our heart…

  9. trinity Says:

    don’t take it personally.. hm… don’t take it personally when my best friend said I don’t need you, go away?!

    hm.. i guess so.. i won’t because I said, No. when my best friend said go away to me.. 😛

    still we haven’t talked since that time.. 2 days ago.

    feel sad but I guess I have to make some space…
    at least I have said : NO.

    that means I won’t go away from the friendship we have.

    what do you think?

  10. Angele Says:

    Very deep words 😉 Thanks for sharing Jem.

    I hope you’re doing fine. I know I haven’t been emailing for some time now but don’t take it personally (*wink* 😀 ). I’m always running here and there and sometimes I don’t even notice how time flies. But you’re in my thoughts. Do take care. Kisses.

  11. cc Says:

    Oh how i miss your words, jemima. They’re truly inspirational. Thank you, I really needed to read this! 🙂

  12. doc Says:

    it’s uncanny. when i read this, i thought you were writing to me.

    yes, i myself mustn’t take it personally for this world doesn’t revolve around me.

    • jemima Says:

      Doc, I believe that there are bits and pieces of us in everyone we come across.
      Hence, there are many out there, like yourself, who can relate to the post. 😉

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