Seek the Good in Others

October 5, 2009

This is not about being a do-gooder.


It is about being smart, efficient and productive.

It is about making your life easy.

When you look for the good in others, they show it to you.

When you appreciate their worth, others find it easy to be their best.

When you accept others, they do not fear rejection. They show their strengths instead of concealing their weaknesses. They act confident instead of afraid.

Other people want someone to notice that they are good and valuable. They want to belong and be thought of as special.

They need someone to believe in them.

Looking fortheΒ  good is that belief.

Look for the good in the other person, especially when he or she has been troublesome, did wrong, or is on probation. Do not ignore his or her problems, but continue to encourage the good.

Anyone who doubts can find failings.

Finding the good takes belief.

When you bring out the good in someone, you often discover a powerful ally, a loyal worker, a true friend.

The search for the good is its own reward.

The discovery of that good is never forgotten.

When you look for the good in others, you often discover your own best and find another reason to believe in yourself.

~ I rejoice in all the good I discover ~

10 Responses to “Seek the Good in Others”

  1. waz Says:

    well, Jemima you already know you are very special blogger to me! πŸ™‚

  2. Methinks finding good in others is a practice in faith itself, no? πŸ™‚

  3. The world needs a good dose of optimism so ppl won’t always be so pessimistic about another. Don’t you think so Jem? πŸ˜‰

  4. doc Says:

    one must make a conscious effort to transformed oneself 1st, to want to seek good in others. one who is selfish, self-centred & self-serving will not look beyond one’s own interest.

  5. kat Says:

    Hi Jem. Today I had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a person I perceived as being rude. For the following few hours, I was very disturbed and I allowed the poison to be spread around. When I got home, I was still upset and vented my displeasure on the internet. Then I read a sensible comment somewhere and ‘ping’ a lightbulb lit up in my head and instantly I wasn’t mad anymore. I also remembered what you wrote about not taking it personally and what I commented about it being a constant battle of not allowing that to happen (I lost the battle today..but not the war!). I felt much, much better after that.

    So you see, what you write makes a difference to me. And it matters when someone thinks enough of me to make the effort to come by and leave a short note behind. Even if it is just for that short moment. Thank you, Jem.

    • jemima Says:

      Kat, if my posts makes a difference to you, I guess that simply means we’re very much a part of each other although we’ve never met in reality.

      Personally, I’ve learned that when bad times come, I can either let them make me feel bitter or use them to make me feel better. We must always try to choose the later.

      I’ve also learned to reach out and touch someone ‘coz everyone of us love that human touch – be it just a smile or a hello.

      Kat, I want you to know that your endless concern for me will never be forgotten. *HUGS*

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