Don’t Complain

October 12, 2009

No one wants to hear it.

When you complain, you just anger others.

Complaining is always hurtful because it adds stress and pressure to an already problematic situation.

Others have a gut reaction to your complaining. It grates on their nerves. They want to shut you off and push you away.

Complainers are like childish passengers, continually whining, “Are we there yet?” They aggravate others by increasing stress and frustration and by creating distracting resentment that interferes with productivity.

It is no wonder that complaining makes you seem inadequate and damages your credibility.

People complain most about what they don’t want to do or feel they can’t do for themselves. So complaining also shows that you are not in charge and reveals your lack of patience and inability to act for yourself.

Complaining creates the wrong atmosphere for making a change.

It is better to ask a question couched in friendly and helpful terms such as, “Is there any way I can help?” Every complaint can be rephrased in this way.

If you complain when someone asks you to do something, it spoils the effect of doing what you’ve been asked.

When you complain, you are really protesting against your own powerlessness and helplessness.

The weaknesses you can’t face in yourself are what you complain about most in others.


I take responsibility for my life.

I have the power to make things better.

I always have a choice.


6 Responses to “Don’t Complain”

  1. Hence the customer service desk and suggestion box was created. LOL

  2. “The weaknesses you can’t face in yourself are what you complain about most in others.”

    That is true, I must admit. I had a moment yesterday when I wanted to complain to my partner about some folks and then I thought, hey, this isn’t productive — if other aren’t being effective, why should I allow that to affect my work or my day? How can I act to improve things?

    It’s hard enough not to let other people ruin my day; it’s harder still not allow MYSELF to do the same.

  3. doc Says:

    “Take a look at yourself & make the change.”

    (Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson)

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