A Roaring Valentine

February 11, 2010


Love.. a small word for such a complex emotion. There is no simple explanation for it, because love is made up of so many things. It cannot be measured, because it is a feeling.

All of the money in the world cannot buy love; it has to be earned. It does not happen by wishing: it must come about naturally.

Love is not an instantaneous emotion, but something that grows slowly, maturing with time.

To love someone means being comfortable and at ease with them, sharing confidences knowing that they will be understood and held in trust. It means respecting each other’s dignity and never being demanding, but rather being willing to give, and accepting that which is given, graciously and with love.

To love someone means having a genuine concern for them, being able to sense that something is wrong without being told. It is understanding the other person’s problems, moods, “hang-ups” and accepting all of them even if you don’t quite understand. It is excusing their faults, because you know that their good points far outweigh the bad.

Love is always being there for each other with a shoulder to cry on, to give support when confidence levels are low, to give helpful advice when it is asked for, to know when to be silent and just listen, or to give cheerful words of encouragement.

Love is sharing the good and the bad, the hopes and the dreams, the amusing times and the serious times. It is doing things together, yet leaving room for each to grow as an individual.


How do I know all these things about love? Because this the kind of love my parents have given to me.

I am blessed with their love, and I will never take it for granted. I will strive to become a better person and to always be deserving of their love, because I truly love them as I have never loved before.


~ Wishing you all a Roaring Valentine 2o1o ~


16 Responses to “A Roaring Valentine”

  1. Che-Cheh Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year dear. 🙂

  2. tuti Says:

    wish you a prosperous and healthy lunar new year, jem!
    to uncle and auntie too, a good and healthy tiger year.

  3. endroo G Says:

    Gong Xi fa Chai…. may all your wishes come true in the year of Iron Tiger. Drink more Tiger beer…

    Give you a number to pau: 8282 !

  4. alison Says:

    ROAR ROAR ROAR…. mew? 😀

  5. kyh Says:

    I love that calligraphy! So beautiful!

    Wish you a roaring yr ahead! Lots of joy to you and your family! 😀

  6. anjali* Says:

    Happy New Year and great roaring Valentine to you too, babe!

  7. _butt Says:

    me too! cheers to all of us for the better! 🙂

    hope u have a great holiday with your family… wish you a happy year ahead roaring with goodness in health and lots of love…

  8. Hope you had a great CNY, Jem.

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