April 14, 2010

Life is a series of miracles.

Some positive. Some negative.

We create our own reality. That to me is a miracle, no matter what the reality may be.

You could get your Ph.D. at Harvard, or you could give up and live homeless on the streets.

You could rise to the top of your profession, or you could flounder around unable to find the key to so-called success.

Is any one of the above any more a miracle than the other? No. They are all the miracle of creation.

No matter what you have brought forth as the conditions of your life, they are the miracle of creation.

You recreate your life every day.

The miracle you seek is at your fingertips.


10 Responses to “Series”

  1. How are you my friend? Missing your writings. *hugs*

  2. x5 Says:

    how zit been girlfriend?

    dropping to say…ive been thinking of ya!

  3. tuti Says:

    the miracle of friendships.
    knowing you is a miracle too, jem.
    take care, amidst all the hustle bustle of life!

  4. “You recreate your life every day.”

    I do. We do. And we will make it amazing. 🙂

  5. zewt Says:

    fingertips? ….

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