Patience Personified

May 25, 2010

“Patience, patience,” I kept telling myself. The shoe clerk must have taken slow-motion pills. She walked with the oozing speed of thick molasses. She sauntered to the stockroom and sauntered back, only to say that they didn’t have my size. She even talked slowly. I had to reflect on what patience really meant.

Pause. Take time out from your hectic day. Accent only the activities that you thoroughly enjoy. Impatience stems from doing too much stuff that you have to do rather than love to do.

Count to ten when you feel impatience creeping in. Inhale deeply. Being uptight makes for shallow breathing. Overreacting to tension causes stress-related illnesses. Use time wisely to become healthier and fit.

Never shout, scream, or treat others badly. Just because you’re in a rush doesn’t give you the right to misbehave. Clear your list of people who are no longer worthy of your time. Unload negative baggage. Become patience personified.

Life moves at its own  pace.

Practicing patience keeps me in tune with my life and hopes.