Do It Now!

June 8, 2010

Did you have big dreams when you just finished your education? To start a career, launch a lifelong relationship. invest in a blue-chip portfolio, or make the world a better place? If you have accomplished even a portion of these dreams, then you are to be congratulated. But if your early dreams now prompt you to smile (or even laugh out loud), then it’s time to rethink things. Women, I believe (although I may be only speaking for myself), should not put things off. Even if their early dreams have faded, they need to act on more modest, realistic plans and get them done.

Frankly, I don’t like dealing with procrastinators. They are a waste of my time and energy. They’re always saying what they have yet to do. They can have all the spare time in the world, but they will still talk about how much they have to do. Why don’t they just do it? But no, they wait until the last minute and then complain of the stress and pressure. Perhaps they love the urgency. Adrenaline is their motivation.

My motivation is the task itself, done in a cool, well-organized manner. Then I’m free, stress free. Tomorrow is not promised, and we’ll all die at some point. When I heard about the death of an old friend recently, I wondered, “Did she get to do all she wanted to accomplish, or did she continue to think a thirty-year plan was realistic?” Sure, many people live longer today, and living to one hundred is more common, but isn’t it kinder to yourself to have short-term goals and the reward of an immediate accomplishment? So whatever it s you’d like to do, do it, and do it now!

I will realize my dreams by making plans and taking action; finishing each step gives me a boost because I no longer have time for procrastination.


8 Responses to “Do It Now!”

  1. Nike’s motto: Just Do It. Works for me! 😉

  2. Just do it! 😀

    I too had ‘glorious’ plans (formed for my future when I was still schooling) but they were kinda unrealistic but I have achieved some of my new goals! *grin*

  3. bosscat Says:

    im doing it now!! will let you know when it’s UP!

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