some thoughts

August 12, 2010

As I look into the past, there is a dark remembrance. My thoughts are empty. There is no energy. No life but there is pain; the valuable time that I have is never well spent. But wasted and alone I am, who can I turn to when nothing ever feels right?

I come and I go into another scene, every time my mind wonders. When I want something it never happens. But when I’m not expecting it, it comes. Then I have to dig myself and my feelings back up, just to bring a smile upon my face.

I want to get back into the spot light. But yet I canโ€™t get past the dirt I am standing on. But one day for sure I will surface, I will breathe and continue my life, but for now, I have to get past the rushing storm.


6 Responses to “some thoughts”

  1. Believe me, dear – we will all get past the darkness and into the light again. *hugs*

  2. We push ourselves forward coz we know it’ll be worth it. Once we place our feet atop of our personal Everest, we realise that all that pain and hurt was more than worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. _butt Says:

    these too shall pass… *hugs Jemima tightly*

    take care all right?

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