I’m Unoriginal

August 16, 2010


12 Responses to “I’m Unoriginal”

  1. My dear.. Though we live in the region where there are major piracy and counterfeiting activities, we are still uniquely original in many different ways. 😛

  2. doc Says:

    if that’s the case, i want to be unoriginal, too.

    (at least, i’m true to myself!)

  3. I like that – it’s where you take them to. Hmm…

  4. bendedspoon Says:

    that’s original to me
    because i believe
    we are all originals
    it’s just that
    some fake it
    because it’s easier
    to be unoriginal.
    everybody wants
    a copy of themselves
    yet they’re not too happy
    when copied.
    men are sometimes confusing
    one of the reasons why
    they are amazing

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