Sometimes late at night…

August 31, 2010

… I think about all the things that have been, all the things that haven’t been and all the things yet to be. I wonder if this world will ever make sense to me, if I will ever truly understand anything… and if there’s really anything to understand at all.

8 Responses to “Sometimes late at night…”

  1. And always in the morning, even if not everything is resolved, the questions don’t seem as daunting… and the answering of them, we realise, might take a lifetime, might be an adventure, might be our journey.

  2. Thanks! (And the honour would be mine, dear.)


  3. catherine Says:

    Hi Jemima !
    It’s my first time here at your blog and please allow me to tell you, this is a really nice post. Sometimes at night, I feel and wonder the exact same but was never able to put it in words!

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