Only Once

September 29, 2010

It’s amazing how we have this ability to breathe without even thinking about it much. But once it’s taken away, we fight with everything we’ve got to breathe again. We fight death. Always. Constantly. With every wake. And every breath. Yet we have mastered the art of postponing things because for some godforsaken reason, we forget that we only live once.

Just another Manic Monday

September 27, 2010

if only i can do this..

September 24, 2010

“what, and if.”

September 13, 2010

“what, and if.” Those two words standing alone are basically harmless, but link them together and those two words possess great power. What if?

What if I didn’t listen to all the messages, signs and ignored my destiny? What if I had not recognized true love when it came to me? What if? What are your what ifs?

Transition time is a time when we wonder about all the roads not taken. For some dreams and ideas the time has past and we must gently set them aside. Other dreams are still attainable if you have the courage to try. The choice is yours…

~Quote from Letters to Juliet~

What if you live from the heart? Chances are you will experience life in the most amazing ways, in the most exotic places with the most beautiful people. Chances are you will also experience pain and suffering that you would not normally see in a stagnant life, or chasing a life path you think you should follow.

What if you learn from the heart? Chances are you will never grow tired of wonderful workings of every little thing. Chances are you will also think you are running out of time in this life as it’s too short to absorb everything that stimulates you.

What if you love from the heart? Chances are you will never feel more joy and excitement than when you connect with someone without reservation. Chances are you will also leave yourself vulnerable to intense hurt, grief and loneliness.

I only hope that I have the courage to always follow my heart, because life is really too short.

Protected: The Seed

September 8, 2010

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