twists & turns

October 14, 2010

I have my days when I feel like breaking down and cry until my eyes hurt because I feel like everything is falling apart and there isn’t one thing I can do about it. Like  I have no say whether or not my life is going well. I get mad easily, and I over think all the time. What ifs often get me into trouble; and make the situation worse, but I am never going to stop thinking them. I may not be the prettiest or the most popular woman in the world, but I am okay with that. I am okay that I may not be the smartest or the funniest either. I understand that sometimes I have to fall in order to see if I can get back up and move on, and I am okay with that. I understand that I can’t always get my way, even though I wish that wasn’t always the case. And I realize that friends will sometimes stab me in the back which means that they aren’t friends, and I need to push them out of my life.

Life isn’t an easy ride. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, but in the end, I smile and tell myself that it’s alright.


12 Responses to “twists & turns”

  1. You sound so much like me in this post. O_o

  2. waz Says:

    yeah, and i realize that some friends will disappoint me at some point. they will blog about their intention to do base-jumping. yet, when the time comes, they back track! i mean seriously…aaaaaarrrrrgh!!!!


  3. Beautiful and brave words, my dear. And the picture you have chosen speaks even louder than words.


  4. kyh Says:

    We fall so that we learn to be stronger – and life without ups and downs are meaningless.

  5. x5 Says:

    breathe…breathe & breathe babe

    p/s: babe, text me your number again pls-lost my phone recently. ya, silly me 🙂

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