There is more to life…

October 25, 2010

Most netizens these days would think like this:

When I read Kenny’s Note to self: “It’s nice spending the weekend with only sporadic access to the Internet. Brain cells may be returning (some of them anyway).”, I am really glad that there’s a netizen out there who is on the same wavelength as I am. πŸ˜›

8 Responses to “There is more to life…”

  1. I’m on my way back to the big city now, stopping by a strawberry-themed cafe (it’s actually much nicer than it sounds, tacky as it may seem) and there’s wifi! So I’m guilty of internet neediness after a couple of days away, but still… it was nice while it lasted.

    We all need more time away from the Internet! (The irony of posting this online… )

    • jemima Says:

      Kenny, you’re definitely guilty until proven otherwise. πŸ˜›

      Discipline is all it takes. I used to be online all the time.. even when I’m not at work. But, circumstances don’t allow me to do so anymore. I don’t even miss it on days when I don’t go online at all. Seriously. πŸ™‚

  2. tuti Says:

    and for many of us, our problems started when we met on the internet. time has sieved out who eventually made it out as friends. and for many too, the internet has saved us from ourselves. i wish you good days ahead too, jem.

  3. This sounds so much like Bosscat and Bee when I book our holiday hotels… Being the designated ‘travel agent’ can be a little bit challenging sometimes.

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