October 26, 2010

I’m just kidding, my friends. I ain’t that vain.

However, I really won’t mind having this

100% Organic Cotton Oversize Tote Bag.



6 Responses to “Seriously…”

  1. Seriously… I sometimes wonder with the amount of processed junk I consume, if I am not 100% NON-organic myself? 😛

  2. *Wonders if there’s one that says ‘Contents unknown! Explore at your own risk!’* Many ppl who own tote bags often have excessive amounts of stuff (needed, useful, unneeded and useless items) in there. LOL

    My sister once put some dumplings in there meant for my bro and totally forgot about it for 2 days. LMAO!

    • jemima Says:

      I’ve got a handbag organizer which makes it easy when it comes to changing handbags. 😛

      I wonder if they were still in their dumpling shape after those 2 days. LOL!!!!

  3. doc Says:

    i once saw a car bumper sticker that says:

    my other car is a ferrari.

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