I bet You did..

November 13, 2010


12 Responses to “I bet You did..”

  1. Actually, I didn’t. Hahaha…

    I’ve actually scanned the typical QWERTY keyboard for words before, once when I was a kid, the way you’d scan a Boggle square-of-nine to see what words may be formed. I don’t recall many long words, not horizontally anyway.

    … but I don’t think that’s the point of this post, so I best stop rambling here, haha.

    • jemima Says:

      I’ve always known that you’re a SMARTIE, Kenny.. & it’s not just anything to do with FOOD. 😛

      My friend, who is a secondary school teacher was reading QWERTYUIOP. She’s got to teach that short story to her English class. 😀

      Btw, ramble all you want.. after all, no one else ever leave a comment… 😛

  2. doc Says:

    no comments doesn’t mean no one’s reading. majority are silent readers la!!

    but it’s politically correct the way our keys are arrange, or else the islamic countries will ban the keyboards!

  3. When I saw that, I though “I’m sure those keys are not on the same row.” I checked just to be sure. LOL

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