Don’t be Afraid to Dream

November 25, 2010

Your dream is the infancy of your gift.

Your belief in your dream makes it a reality.

Abandon yourself to your dream. Let go.

Dream the dream that has been within you forever.

Be the child in your dreams.

Value closeness.

Play with light.

Lose yourself in your senses, and see the world anew.

Be the hero in your dreams.

Save the nations.

Bridge the flood.

Conquer evil.

Build the peace.

The world needs your dream.

Carry them forward.

You are your dreams.

Claim and deliver them.

You find yourself by living your dream.

Let me dream my life,

but let me not dream my life away.


4 Responses to “Don’t be Afraid to Dream”

  1. Thanks for this, dear. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of day, I forget I used to have dreams, no matter how little or how ridiculous they may be.

    Still, they are my dreams and I should remember how much that does mean to me.


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