10 Days to Christmas

December 15, 2010

I am thankful for my Intelligence.

I just can’t help wondering if successful / intelligent men will find their intelligent wives intimidating or a crown of glory for them?

I wonder.

Do men like intelligent women? Women who can think, formed their own opinions (and I mean very mature, articulated opinions) and are independent. A girl who is certain of what she wants, how she goes about getting it and a girl who has strings of achievements in her past and still working for more. Do men want these women as their girl friends, wives and mothers of their children? Can men take it if you sit next to your wife and all attention is on her and your big bosses prefer to talk to her than to you because they are attracted to her intelligence and impressed with her oral skills and you are still proud of her? Can men sit and watch their politician wives give fantastic speeches and still clap and cheer for her? Can men handle a wife who can argue (and when I say argue that doesn’t mean quarrel, just getting in to an intellectual discourse) and formulate very mature and articulate arguments about certain issues and enjoy engaging with her arguments? And if you are a man of equal importance and who possess a string of achievements as well, will you feel threatened having to live in the shadow of your girl friend in the public square or in the small social circle? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.

Or will men consider intelligence found in these women – SEXY? Will they be proud of her and feel really good about themselves because these women choose to be with them and not any other men?


Do men prefer women who doesn’t know much and allow you to lead her and pamper her and each time you ask her a question a reply you will likely get is, “I don’t know, darling … you’re the smart one”. (Although I think many intelligent women do that pretentiously just so their husbands / boyfriends can feel smart for a split second).

If not, I think intelligent girls may not find themselves a suitable partner. The intelligent guys find them too intimidating and the not-so-intelligent ones (I’m trying very hard here to be politically correct) find them difficult to connect with.

A very intelligent girl friend of mine said this: “It’s almost like a curse if we are intelligent”.

What ya think?


8 Responses to “10 Days to Christmas”

  1. It’s not just the intelligence though, is it? While I fancy a partner as intelligent as (or more so than) I am, it’s the heart that matters. Does one’s partner love with as much wit and wonder as one does? 🙂

    • jemima Says:

      IMHO, both men and women are human and they fear and desire the same things (Love, communication, intimacy, etc). They need these things equally. That man needs intelligence more than woman is a male supremacist myth as ridiculous and unworthy of respect as the myth that proclaimed the earth to be flat. 😛

      Glad to have you back, Kenny. 😀

      • Aye, I have to agree with you on that. One is no less important than the other, and these qualities are desired in both men and women.

        We are not that different, whatever books on Mars and Venus may proclaim. 😛

      • jemima Says:


        Kenny, you’ve just given me another reason as to why I’m a dinosaur – – I’ve never read those Mars & Venus books. 😛

  2. day-dreamer Says:

    Men and their ego…

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