The Tempest

January 31, 2011

That is what it feels like with the traffic jams & over-crowded sidewalks & shopping malls. After all, these few days are the busiest shopping days of the year.

I pray for Safe driving & Safe shopping!

Loving & Caring

January 29, 2011

Do you stop and think about our elderly these days?
Loving and caring for them like they did you yesterday.

Do you think you will never grow old and need care?
Some children turn their backs like their elders are not there.

Do you think you are not needed in some way?
Loving and caring doesn’t mean everyday.

Do you think you won’t be left alone someday?
Try being alone, sick or lame in some way.

Do you think you will always be happy not sad?
Life can be turned upside down and make you mad.

Do you think you will always be able to make money?
When you retire sickness can sap that money like honey.

Do you think calling home very little is the thing to do?
How would you feel if no one called you?

Do you think it is fair to exclude the elderly?
One day you will be the elderly in your family.

Do you take the time to show honor and respect?
A little love goes a long way as well as pat on the back.

Do you realize that most elderly have a good mind?
How hard is it to trust them and be kind?

Do you realize that someday you will be in your parent’s shoes?
Loving and caring by your children hopefully comes to you.


Family Bonds are tested the most during the Aging Phase of Life. But balancing the ordinary needs of the Young and of the Old is not a simple task. And yet, in doing so, Caring for the Elderly does give a spiritual dimension to Life.


Be with them this Chinese New Year.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

January 28, 2011

A friend once sent me a text that said:

“Today a heavy rainstorm caught me by surprise when I was walking down the street.
Thank God I had my umbrella and raincoat. Except that they were both in my car, parked quite a distance away.
While I was running to get them I thought what a strange sign I was receiving from God – we always have the necessary resources to face the storms that life prepares for us, but most times these resources are locked away in the bottom of our heart and this makes us waste an enormous amount of time trying to find them.
And when we finally find them, we have already been defeated by adversity.”

So, let us always be prepared; otherwise we will miss our chance.

Excerpt taken from Paulo Coelho‘s Blog.

The Devil & Kenny

January 26, 2011

This is a picture story of two wonderful buddies.

They love nasi lemak…



& shopping.

They have a bunch of wonderful caring friends who love them to bits.

They have asked me for a Tiffany’s

and a Ferrari, too.

But all I can afford is to give them is this lousy post.

Guess who is who??? 😛

All photos are unshamefully taken from The Devil’s & Kenny’s blogs except for the last three.

I’m Happy

January 25, 2011