The Devil & Kenny

January 26, 2011

This is a picture story of two wonderful buddies.

They love nasi lemak…



& shopping.

They have a bunch of wonderful caring friends who love them to bits.

They have asked me for a Tiffany’s

and a Ferrari, too.

But all I can afford is to give them is this lousy post.

Guess who is who??? 😛

All photos are unshamefully taken from The Devil’s & Kenny’s blogs except for the last three.


10 Responses to “The Devil & Kenny”

  1. Can I bocor lobang? Of course I’m the Angel lah! 😀

    And this is such a sweet post, dear! *HUGSS*

  2. P.S. And this is better than any Tiffany’s and Ferrari!

    (Though the Devil may disagree. Hehe. But that’s why he’s the Devil la.)

  3. CK Says:

    Ohhhh, so touching, love you, dear Jemima.
    Want to give you big hugssss!!!!
    I love this post soooo much! Thank you very much!
    I’m the angel lah, easy to guess. 😛

    • jemima Says:

      *notes that the Devil owes heaps of hugs*

      I’m glad to know that both of you love the post, my dear. 😀

      Let the “fight of who’s the angel & who’s the devil” begin. 😛

  4. CK Says:

    No need to fight, outside I might be a devil, but I’m an angel inside. hahahaha 😛

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