Not-to-Do List

March 28, 2011


12 Responses to “Not-to-Do List”

  1. waz Says:

    how about:

    – Do not stop breathing otherwise Waz will have to do CPR!


  2. waz Says:

    /waz freaks out.

    /waz runs around trying to figure out what to do

    /light bulb


    /sparkling grin


    /waz thanks them Gods for such luck

    /waz readies himself for mouth-to-mouth!

    But just as he is about to attempt it, Jem wakes up. She slaps him so hard that he is sent crashing into the opposite wall.

    Wall cracks with a loud deafening boom. Neighbours call the police regarding possible terrorist attack.

    Some time later, Waz is found unconscious under piles of rubble. Miraculously, he is physically unhurt. But, expert believes he is deemed to show signs of possible Post Traumatic Stress syndrome upon waking up.

    • jemima Says:


      Full marks for your imagination, Waz.
      If you can draw.. it makes a wonderful comic script. 😛

      Thanks for entertaining. 😀

  3. waz Says:

    well, tyvm!

    I’m always keen for a good laugh…

  4. Bad Signs Says:

    A most excellent list indeed! 🙂

  5. ADDS: Do not sell myself short.

    And we won’t. 🙂

  6. A Arthur Lau Says:

    Hello Jemima,

    I stumbled upon your post when I am looking for the song Oh Malaysia. Thank you for the lead to Youtube.

    Your articles are quite interesting and I quite like it. Please keep it up.

    I operate a website too. you can go to this link if you are interested to read about diamonds, jade and gemstones. I wrote my life experience too.

    Have a good day, Jemima


    • jemima Says:

      Welcome, Arthur. 🙂

      Do go through my archives when you’re free. IMHO, I have more good stuff there. 😛

      I’ll drop by your site soon. 🙂

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