June 13, 2011

24 Responses to “Unerasable”

  1. I think that that is the best part.

    I did a year-by-year summary of my past decade this afternoon (and by summary, I mean one word or one sentence) and I realised it’s only the past three years that has been really good. So much bad stuff before… but I wouldn’t change anything for the world, cos it all led me here.

    So worth it, our mistakes.

    P.S. Never failures, for mistakes bring us to where we are now, and where we are going next. 🙂

    • jemima Says:

      You right, Kenny. 🙂

      We can’t make progress in personal growth until we learn to forgive ourselves.

      Many of us replay our mistakes over and over, adding more self-criticism every time we do it. It’s easy to turn a minor misstep into a major stumbling block.

      As much as we’d like to be perfect, that’s never going to happen. Human beings do make mistakes, and we’re a member of that imperfect species.

      Because our lives will never be mistake-free, it’s crucial that we forgive ourselves when we do mess up. If we don’t, we’ll spend too much of our life in the past rather than in the present and future. Fear of making more mistakes will intimidate us in setting and achieving new goals. We won’t grow.

  2. Mistakes of the past make u who you are today… Unfortunately, invisible ink isn’t available to all and takes too much effort to make.;)

  3. alisha Says:

    This is so true. 🙂

    How often do you post things?

  4. WC Says:

    How do i forgive myself? I think I’ve made and repeated too many mistakes in life. I am a disappointed to the people around me.I am at a point of giving up my life.

    • jemima Says:

      Life is too short, Winnie. Don’t give up.

      Don’t worry about what other people think or say about you.
      Be strong. That is the first step to forgiving yourself & all the mistakes you have done.

      Take care.

    • We all make mistakes in life, and just when we think we see the end of them, we make some more. Maybe the trick isn’t trying to avoid making mistakes but to accept them. Accept that making mistakes is part of us growing up and growing wiser.

      And yes, sometimes we are a disappointment to those around us. This could serve to spur us to do better, or maybe inform our decisions in the future, to do stuff for ourselves and not necessarily because they will make another happy or impress them.

      Some days I believe we can’t even disappoint ourselves because the mistakes we make take us to another day, take us to where we are now. We are alive, and while today things may be bad or painful, there is always hope. There is always another day.

      And just when we think we may not serve any purpose in life at all, tomorrow comes and we help someone else, in whatever little way we do. We may not think it matters, they may not have expected the help (and therefore we can’t “disappoint” them), but the help is help, and when it’s needed the most. We are here today so we can be around tomorrow and work our own tiny miracles for others in the time to come.

      We may not believe in ourselves, maybe not right now, but know that someone out there believes in you, even if they don’t know it yet, for they will need your help one day, and be very grateful you stayed around to offer them that.

      Take care, WC. May you be well always.

      • WC Says:

        Kenny, what you say is very true. I do hope there is someone out there who believes in me and is proud of me. I read your blog too, and your writings are amazing, touching and always brings to tears to my eyes. And what you have with the Devil is absolutely lovely.

      • I am sure there is someone out there just like that. You may not know who he/she is yet, and this person is out there and you will meet one day.


  5. alisha Says:

    Jemima, I need help.
    I think you and the other people who are posting think I’m an adult,
    but I’m actually, um, let’s say, an “old child”

    Please help me…?!?

    • jemima Says:

      What kind of help do you need, Alisha?

      Remember we’re in cyber-space & the only help I can give you is to lend you my ears and give you some possible words of advice.

  6. alisha Says:


    And I want to be an actress.

    I know you probably have a weird look on your face right now, but I love to act.
    I don’t know how to become one, and how to convince my parents to let me.

  7. alisha Says:


  8. alisha Says:


    what’s going on?????

  9. alisha Says:

    I meant like, how are you?

    How’s life?

    What’s the best part of your life right now?

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