I’m simply..

September 21, 2011

14 Responses to “I’m simply..”

  1. _butt Says:

    oh no! no more inspiring post from our dear Jemima? 😦

  2. Hahaha, I sure know how that feels. Sometimes it’s ok just to take some time out… then return refreshed and recharged! 😀

    • jemima Says:

      Thanks for the affirmation, Kenny. 🙂

      Glad to have you back. 😉

      • Kenny Says:

        I am glad to be back.

        Been a crazy couple of weeks though – sorry for not dropping by more. Things will change (getting in the mood to blog again for you, getting more used to my new job for me).


      • jemima Says:

        No apologies needed, my friend. 😀
        This blog is just a shelter..not a home. 😉

        I hope that you’re having a ball at work. 😀
        I’m having a good time being lazy…’coz I have more time to spend with my priorities. 😉

        Will be back soon…………….


  3. I have ignored my poor bloggie for the longest time. You’re fairing much better than I 😉

  4. bosscat Says:

    i think they do have lazy bug repellent at the store… 😛

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