February 26, 2012

Take a Moment

February 23, 2012

Take a moment
Take time with your loved ones
Incline your attention
even to the least voice
Don’t rush any moment you have
Just let it run its course
Loving even the silliest joke
as though it matters
even not as much
Take a moment
Take time at every thought
that sweeps through you
Listen from others
even if it makes no sense to you
Don’t ignore dull moments
Just sit through it all
Enjoying every moment spent
Once a day says bye
it never looks back
There will come a time
When what matters now
Won’t matter anymore
Your days will be empty and less
You won’t remember any past
The ones that seemed less
seem to matter later once passed
Just take a moment
Take your time at every moment
Never send a day to waste
Once a day says bye
it never looks back
How long has it been
since you laughed long enough to cry
Don’t let excuses steal off your days
Once they are gone
they never look back or stall
They go without a trace
unless you stopped to take record
Take a moment to live life
Once it says bye
it never looks back

Taken from ” Unspoken Whispers: In the Heart of Love” by Winfridah C. Mcekeni

Looking Back

February 20, 2012

Alfred Stevens (1823-1906) – Young Woman Reading, 1856

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Falling in Love

February 13, 2012