My Days are just Too Long

November 19, 2012

The 24 hours of a day sometimes seems to be too long while sometimes they end up too quickly to realize.

I have spent month after month making excuses for why I haven’t been updating my blog regularly. I’m so good at it by now that I’m able to squash my great post ideas with a simple, “I just don’t have time.” The Lazy Procrastination Monster in me had fully taken over.

Sometime over the weekend though, I shook my head out of the fog and snapped back to reality. What was I doing, exactly? I love my blog! I love writing. I needed to get back on track, and re-commit myself. Like a married couple renewing their vows, I wanted to renew my commitment to my blog. I want my readers to chew, digest & grow with me.

We all know that routine can get mundane, but it’s how good habits are formed. Is this going to work everyday? No, probably not. but that’s the goal, and I’m going to have to make a real effort to make it happen.

I must COMMIT but I do have A GREATER RESPONSIBILITY in my life……