A Christmas Prayer

December 24, 2009

Dear God,

Christmas is here and there’s so much that I wish.

Not for me, Dear God, but for those upon this list:

1. I have a house, dear God, but there are those without a home. Please give them one for Christmas, one they can call their own.

2. There are children who have toys and a place to rest their heads. Please give to those who don’t, some fine toys and some warm beds.

3. My table will be adorned with food, on this fine Christmas Day. Please give food to those who hunger they must not whither away.

4. I have clothes upon my back to keep me warm and dry. But, there are some with clothes so old and worn, they simply can’t get by.

5. But most of all, dear God, I have a love within my heart. Please give the gift of Love to those who need a brand new start.

Thank you for listening to my prayer.

A Blessed Christmas to you.

Your loving child.


August 31, 2009

Is there a possibility ?


Mother Teresa said, “Go home and love your family”.

Peace & Unity to All.

It’s not too late…

July 29, 2009


to wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to Jemima’s Journal.

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Someone to Look Up to

June 21, 2009


My Very 1st Friend

May 10, 2009

My Dearest Precious Mom means so much to me.

She has always been so true and kind.

My best friend on earth she has proved to be.

For her love that’s so pure and divine, she taught me to love the Saviour above.

Through all of the sorrows and trials we knew, she trusted Him.

She taught me as I grew older to believe in His wonderful love.

Thank God for a Mother like mine.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers & mothers-to-be.