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October 10, 2008


August 26, 2007


Say NO

May 17, 2007

If you don’t want to do something, say no.

Is that difficult for you?

The ease you have in saying no is a good measure to your freedom and potential happiness.

Think about it. Why should you have a problem indicating you don’t want to do what you don’t want to do? Are you afraid of hurting someone, causing a scene, testing another person’s affections?

When you say yes instead of no, you only set the other person up to expect you continue saying yes. Then when you finally do risk saying no, you’ll really disappoint the other person and you’ll sound like you don’t know your own mind, hence, you’ll create an opening for dispute.

You can say no. Practise in front of a mirror, but try not to make too much of this. It’s not that hard to do and easy to overdo out of negativity and powerlessness.

You don’t owe it to anyone to say that you want to do what you don’t want to do. Keep this simple, everyday business, not an act of defiance.

Are you getting uncomfortable as you think of applying this?

Does saying no seem anything but simple?

If saying no seems so difficult, it is probably because you have said yes for so long and so insincerely that now you feel to say no will require explaining your previous deceptions and correcting them.

Even if this true, it is a problem that will never go away until you begin to say what you really mean.

Say no and let it be the other person’s problem.


How I feel is enough to know what I want.

Finding Your Way

March 8, 2007


You are the artist creating your life.

You are a work in progress.

Your search is also your goal.

Your identity will be revealed through your quest of that goal.

Your work is always to find your work.

Your belief in yourself becomes your life.

Act on what you believe is right and the rest will take care of itself.

Find something to give to the world and only settle for things that make sense to you.

Don’t try to make all things possible. Stay with one goal and it will teach you everything.

You are always living the life you create.

If your life doesn’t feel right, create something better.

My work is the way.

My love is the way.

My past is the way.

This moment is the way.

I am the way.

Take Responsibility

February 27, 2007

If things turn out badly, you’ll probably be blamed, so take responsibility now and make events go the way you want.

When you don’t take responsibility, you give up control to others. Others never have your real interests at heart because they really don’t know you. And if they did, why should they do what you won’t do for yourself? Make your interests known to yourself and take action.

Take responsibility for everything that you have done and for everything you have avoided doing. It’s the first step toward being free.


The greatest gift you can give children is to let them take responsibility for themselves.

Whenever you take responsibility for other people, you limit their growth. They may be grateful initially, but the more responsibility you take, the more they will resent you.

Take responsibility for knowing how you feel, what you need, and what you want. Unless you do, yes and no are meaningless words.

Take responsibility for everything that has happened to you, that shaped you, whether you caused it or not.

You’re responsible for suffering.

You’re responsible for living happily ever after.

The responsibility that you accept ceases to be a burden.

You may not be responsible for what happened to you, but you are responsible for what you feel about it and how you reacted toward it.

I am responsible for everything in my life.

I am responsible for what I was.

I am responsible for what I will become.

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